Introduction to Town Council

Voter Registration Drive 2008

"Ailiv moderators/"Executive Committee") getting to know Livingston Township Council



 Anju Bhargava welcoming Township Council- Mayor Gary Schneiderman to residents new to Livingston's civic process......








League of Women Voters members with Councilman Rudy Fernandez with his daughter

Mayor Gary Schneidermand and Deputy Mayor Charles "Buddy" August

..... Anju, Mayor Schneiderman, Deputry Manyor Buddy August, Councilan Rudy Fernandez

Community getting to know the Twonship

Ira Maini, Anju Bhargava, Chndramouli Sastry, Counciman Rudy Fernandez shaking hands with Chandrashekhar Tibrewal and Deputy Mayor Buddy August looking on......

Buddy August, Rudy fernandez, Chandrashekhar Tibrewal, Anju Bhargava, Chandramouli Sastry











Getting to know each other....

Priya Dave, Shruti Saxena,Gayatri Sastry, Irma Maini, Rajal Kusumgar

The Indian School